Transderm skin treatment


Latest grade of medical facial. Let’s begin the rejuvenation process with our fractional and permeating tips to deliver active ingredients transdermal into the skin depths without any pain, injections or downtime. 

TRANSDERM facial works on principle of Plasmaporation. It creates short, small ,electrical pulses being delivered to the skin. Temporary Aqua channels in the membranes of skin cells are created. This dramatically Increases the permeability of skin cells to water soluble molecules. Transdermal delivery of hyaluronic acid ,vitamin C , EGFs can then be achieved without any injections Or downtime.


  • fine lines ,dry skin ,flaky skin 
  • acne ,oily skin ,large poreS
  • Under eyes crepy skin
  • saggy ,ageing skin 
  • dull skin 
  • pigmentation ,melasma 
  • photoaging