Chemical Brow Lift

The Botox brow lift treatment is recommended for people who have mild brow drooping, and do not want to undergo major eyelift surgery.

Botulinum creates a lifting effect by relaxing the muscles that pull down on the eyebrows. This not only raises the ends of the eyebrows into a more pleasing arch, but also opens the eyes, reducing the ‘hooded’ appearance so common in middle-aged eyes.

Nefertiti Face Lift

It eliminates the jowls and restores the neatness of the jawline. It treats the platysmal bands aka turkey neck. 

Botox Jaw Slimming / Botox Face Slimming

Botox is placed in masseter muscles to trim the face into a more defined narrow & oval pattern.

Botox For Excessive Sweating in Underarms /Hands/Feet

Hyperhidrosis is a cause of major psychological depression  & a reason for many  bacterial & fungal infections in overly sweaty areas.